Virtual 1 Hour Consultation

Every week I give away tons of free advice. I write blogs, I speak, I use Instagram, LinkedIn and Facebook to share golden nuggets of insight and information. On an ongoing basis I am approached by dozens of people who ask if they can "pick my brain."

I don't want to leave them hanging.

I also can't give away hours of time on free advice. To answer the requests, I have developed a

"Pick My Brain" Session.

The Coffee Date Session Includes:

  1. An initial 60 Mins Coffee Date (consultation call or in-person consultation) to become clear on your challenges and the areas you seek feedback on.
  • This session is customized to your needs, so the more specific you can be about what you need, the better!
  1. Within a week later, I will send you a follow-up email that includes:
  • Feedback and insights discussed on the call
  • Recommended tools
  • High-level strategies to easily implement

Honestly! This session is a wise investment that will pay for itself in the long run. Book your coffee date today!