Our Story

Dr. Sirrita Darby

Chief Luxury Experience Curator
Detroit, MI

Dr. Sirrita Darby began curating pandemic-friendly experiences in June of 2021 when she saw a need to create unique experiences for Detroiters who were struggling finding ways to celebrate and spend time with one another safely amidst the pandemic. She began with curating pop-up picnic experiences for couples and groups. She then transitioned to creating date night experiences during the night time where couples can enjoy a meal, each other and indulge in the many add-ons the experience offers. What began as a "hobby" for Dr. Darby has now manifested into a full-scale intimate event service, now offering a variety of experiences.

The WR Experience partners with local vendors to bring the full experience such as a Hibachi Chef who prepares the food right in front of you, to a local small bakery that supplies all the sweet treats for the date night. Her goal was to always boost the economic energy in her community by building jobs and opportunities for others.

Alongside being a luxury experience curator, Darby also runs a multi award-winning nonprofit and runs her own Education Consulting Business as well. She is a Forbes 30 Under 30 recipent and she takes pride in her most important job, being a mom.

Dr. Darby doesn't know where her uniquely curated experiences will take her next. She hopes to expand to planning seasonal themed large scale events and expand to atleast 5 other cities by 2024. She also hopes to open a storefront one day day where she can launch her luxury experience retail line so clients can create these experiences on their own. No matter what, she hopes to keep giving people like you a truly unforgettable experience.